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One of the most popular trends in home design and renovation is the outdoor entertainment area. These spaces take the tried-and-true backyard patios and decks we all know and love and update them with added style and utility to create exterior spaces where you’ll enjoy spending time, whether hosting a party with many guests or simply relaxing with a few close friends.

There are endless options for outdoor entertainment spaces today, so here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity when creating and designing an outdoor entertaining area that perfectly suits your needs, wants, and style.

Decide the purpose

Perhaps the most important consideration when designing your perfect outdoor entertainment space is determining its main purpose. Two good questions to ask yourself are: How do I use my outdoor entertainment space today? and, How would I like to use it in the future?

For example, if you plan to often barbeque for a large group of people, you may want to include an outdoor kitchen or grill, along with space for food preparation and an eating area. However, if you envision mainly having drinks and relaxing with a few friends, you’ll likely want to include a set of comfortable furniture with low tables to hold your beverages and some appetizers.

Materials shape the mood

Using the right materials helps set the mood and style you are after for your outdoor entertaining area. A good question to ask here is: Do I plan to make it an extension of my home and match its style, or to complement it yet stand on its own?

Building a modern outdoor living space from materials like stone, concrete, tile, and wood can not only provide a visually pleasing aesthetic, materials like these are also durable and often require little maintenance, even when exposed to weather and the elements. Materials can be chosen that blend your home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces, and you can even use sustainable materials like reclaimed timber or recycled polymers.

Trick it out with tech

Recent technological advances have enabled the creation of products that can help enhance your outdoor entertaining space experience, elevating both comfort and functionality. Hundreds of options for outdoor space technology products are available across a wide range of product types.

Lighting is a great way to both illuminate a darker area as well as set the overall mood. You can choose from many different styles of lighting with features like LEDs and lighting you can control from an app on your phone. Audio systems can provide some background music that you stream through a Bluetooth connection, while a WiFi booster can help improve signal reception for laptops, tablets, or phones. The possibilities for adding tech to your outdoor space that is both fun and useful are limitless.

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