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Having a custom home is the ultimate sign of comfortable living. Building a customised home is not within everyone’s price range though, but it doesn’t mean homeowners cannot make their homes at least feel or appear customised. There are in fact a few projects any homeowner can do to their home to give it a custom feel, without it technically being designated a ‘custom home’.


Upgrade Original Stairs

Staircases are often in prime locations within a home, so anyone that enters will likely see them. Therefore, customizing them and updating a home’s stairs is a great starting off point to make it appear customised.

Elements like changing the original paint or wood stain are a great way to customise them, as well as adding in a luxurious runner.


Ceiling Detail

This may seem like a daunting task, but it really is far from it. In fact, ceiling detail is something that doesn’t require much effort or expense for homeowners and it is also a feature they don’t have to maintain.

Solid or boxed beams are a simple, yet sleek detail many homes are adding, especially if a home has that ‘airy’ quality. Tongue and groove paneling, trim detailing and even just a new paint color are clever and affordable solutions any homeowner can incorporate into their home to make it appear customized.


Update the Bathrooms

Having bathrooms with modern features and space are a great sign of luxurious customization. After all, everyone appreciates a well-appointed bathroom!

This custom feature can be an expensive one for a home, and also an intrusive one but it sure is worth it when it’s completed. It will also add value to the home.

Fresh tiling, ample and discreet cabinetry, bathtubs, wide vanities and lighting are all popular areas homeowners focus on when making customized selections.


Updated Lighting Features

Each room of a home requires different lighting so why not customize and update your home with some really creative and eye catching solutions?

Your kitchen will likely need colder, brighter lighting, but other rooms may benefit by replacing original features with more modern, warmer light solutions. You may even decide to remove original features and utilize more natural lighting.

Bulb technology has come a long way in recent years and by simply changing the bulbs in your home, you can have a cost effective and yet customized feature.


Updated Kitchen

Much like bathrooms, this is not a cheap custom feature to have in a home, but anyone serious about having the appearance of a custom home needs to consider it.

Kitchens are increasingly becoming the heart of people’s homes, so a good one is crucial. Homeowners want functionality, space, unique storage solutions and appliances that make cooking and cleaning in the kitchen a breeze.

Backsplashes are an increasingly popular focal point in custom kitchens today, with many homes incorporating really eye catching tile designs.