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Looking to remodel your southern Florida home or looking to buy? Here are some of the latest 2021 trends we’re seeing pop up in southern Florida homes. From healthcare to technology to home trends, 2020 has had a lasting impact on the upcoming decade. As we spend an increasing amount of time in our homes, home remodels, renovations, and improvements are even more popular than ever. Here are some fresh and new South Florida home trends to think about, designed with “2021” in mind.

Bathroom Redesign

From smart technology to open showers and stand-alone tubs, remodeling trends in south Florida show an emphasis on updated and new bathroom solutions. Touch-less appliances have become increasingly popular since theCOVID-19 pandemics, such as motion-activated sinks, automatic lighting, and other smart technology. Even as we move towards a post-COVID world, an increase in hygiene and less-touch options will remain popular as people remain increasingly aware of their personal health. Regardless of health, these new smart technologies are also modern, efficient, and energy-saving.

For showers, many people are turning to solutions such as open showers, which save space and provide a natural flow of the bathroom. Open showers can be a great way to highlight intricate tile designs. For medium or larger homes, stand-alone tubs are also increasing in popularity. While you might be thinking of a dated tub from the 2000s, think again. New, modern, and updated stand-alone tubs are available and can be a great accent to a newly redesigned bathroom. Even better, they can promote a spa-like or oasis feeling to your new bathroom.

Home Office Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our workforce moving forward, hence the “work from home” era. With many companies transitioning to either full-time remote work or hybrid schedules, people are craving proper workspace within their homes. A home office remodel can provide a functional workspace for your work-from-home days while still allowing for components of home comfort. For remote workers with kids or pets, having a dedicated home office space can be a necessary spot for productivity.

Kitchen Changes

For many, the kitchen is the focal point of the home and the room they spend the most time in. While the white cabinet and modern finishes remain classic, 2021 trends are showing homeowners want more warmth and texture in their upgraded kitchens. This includes utilizing wood cabinets or wood-grained countertops. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many families to spend more time cooking and gathering around their kitchens; thus, the kitchen should provide a warm and home-like environment.

Floor Plans

Open floor plan homes were all the rage in past years, but a slight shift is occurring in remodeled homes in south Florida. The past year has opened many eyes to the fact that private, secluded, or quaint spaces in a home can have a time and place. Open floor plans can still be done, though there can be some spaces within a home with more privacy.