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Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior with New Paint

Fall in Florida is the perfect time to repaint your home’s exterior. The weather is cooler but not too cold, and humidity levels have declined. New paint instantly livens up your home and boosts its value. Touch up your deck or porch, or do a full paint job. A fresh coat of paint also reduces the effects of weathering on your exterior surfaces.

Right now, earth tones such as taupe, forest green, grey, and deep red are popular and attractive color choices. Off-white or cream trim goes well with all of these hues.


Protect and Upgrade Your Deck and Patio

Your deck, porch, and patio probably got a lot of use this summer. Fall is the perfect time to power-wash away any stuck-on mud or sand, then re-paint or re-stain them. As winter comes, the wood will be protected from weathering and moss until spring rolls around.

Or, if you’ve been eager to expand your outdoor spaces, take advantage of the cooler weather. These days, natural stone patios and covered decks are in demand — and it’s no wonder. These shaded, comfortable spaces are ideal for outdoor dining, fire pits, and relief from the Florida sun.


Make Your Home More EnergY-Efficient

Weatherization is crucial to protecting your Florida’s energy envelope, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your windows and doors are the top sources of leaks. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your doors, fall is the ideal season in which to do it. Consider replacing energy-inefficient single-paned windows with double-paned, tinted ones. You can also replace those old sliding glass doors with attractive French doors, which you can dress up with curtains.

Another option is to build awnings or arbors to help shade your home. This not only makes your outdoor space more enticing but also keeps your home cooler once those summer rays return.


Transform Your Floors

New floors can make a world of difference in your home. Whether you’re tired of your carpet, eager to refinish your hardwood, or upgrade to new synthetic flooring options, fall is ideal weather for the upgrade. It’s not too hot, but not cold enough that the adhesive won’t dry.

Improve your home’s aesthetic and comfort with high-quality flooring that both looks and feels great. For example, you can swap out your kitchen’s slick linoleum for an easily cleaned yet modern-looking laminate. Or for a more rustic look, try vinyl plank flooring that resembles hardwood floors. There are many new flooring materials on the market, so you can make your home look more sophisticated without the high price tag.


Adventure-Proof the House with a Mudroom

Florida summers are known for sunshine, fun… and rain. If you got tired of cleaning up mud last summer, take this fall as an opportunity to build your mudroom. This is a place with easily cleaned flooring, a washbasin, shoe and coat racks, and storage for all your outdoor gear and sports equipment. You can convert an existing foyer or garage space into the mudroom or build a small addition to your home. Mudrooms can also be a transitional space between your garden, garage, or pool deck and the rest of the house.

Got an idea for a fall project? Reach out to R3 Renovations and let’s see about making your vision a reality!