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Having an organized home is more than just attractive, it makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. But if you’re living in clutter, it might seem impossible to imagine a tidier life. If you need help jumpstarting your home organization project, here are our top 10 tips to get you started.

Set Aside Some Time Each Day to Organize

Organizing your entire house at once can seem daunting and discourage you from starting at all. Pick one task a day that you can complete in a half hour or less. Once your house is fully organized, this habit will help it stay that way.

Start by organizing your front entry

Stop mess at the front door. It’s easy to come in, dump your coat, bag, shoes, and keys at the door and forget about them, but then the clutter is likely to migrate into the rest of your house with you. Placing organization solutions like key hooks, coat and shoe racks, and mail holders right at the front entry is a good way to get your organization overhaul started.

Before you buy something new, get rid of something old

Clutter happens when you have more things than places to put them. Before bringing anything new into your house, see what you can get rid of first.

Go through your closet twice a year

Store any clothes that are not seasonally appropriate and put them away until it is time to wear them again. Hang up all your remaining items with the hangers facing in the same direction, and once you wear something turn the hanger around. When you go to rotate your closet, get rid of anything you didn’t wear.

Keep your cabinets and drawers organized

It’s easy to throw things in drawers and forget about them. Meanwhile, you don’t realize that clutter is piling up until you can’t find what you need. Invest in plastic dividers for your drawers and cabinets so everything has a designated space where you can clearly see it.

Sort and store items by importance

Place items that you use most often at eye level. Items that you sometimes use should go below eye level. Keep anything that you rarely use but still need to keep on hand above eye level.

Clear out expired medication and cosmetics

Most of the products we keep in our bathrooms have relatively short shelf lives, but they can live on our shelves taking up space for years. Regularly check the expiration dates on all of your medications and cosmetics and throw out anything past date.

Place a Wastebasket in Every Room of Your House

Don’t force your family members to walk to another room to throw out their trash—they’re more likely to just leave it behind. Give yourself a place to dispose of trash in every room so you don’t have a chance to forget it.

Have a Convenient and Unobtrusive Place to Stash Toys

Your kids probably won’t share your enthusiasm for organization. Have an ottoman with built-in storage or a small chest you can easily stash in a corner wherever your kids play. This gives you a way to quickly declutter.

Make Your Storage Solutions Stylish

If you make your organization look like a design choice, you’re more likely to use it. Putting up hooks that you can artfully arrange your mugs on means you’ll be more likely to put them back instead of leaving them on the drainboard.

Considering a renovation? We can help you optimize your new space with convenient storage solutions. Contact Us for an estimate to get started.